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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Nox Archaist Demo!

Development of Nox Archaist is moving along at a steady clip and there are now many areas of the game that are fully playable.

The Lost Sectors video podcast released an episode today that shows gameplay footage while they talk about their experience playing Nox Archaist!

We've released demos on specific features before, but if you've been anxious to see how core activities flow in an actual game session, now's your chance! You'll see up close things like combat, towns, talking to NPCs, casting spells, managing inventory flow, and more!

Fear not! There are no major spoilers. The footage they share is all fairly close to the start of the game.

We hope to earn your support for our Kickstarter launch on May 2nd, 10am US CDT, to fund the production of a boxed edition of Nox Archaist with feelies like a cloth map, printed manual, 5.25" floppy disks, and more!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Lord British in Nox Archaist!

It's official, Lord British will appear as an NPC in Nox Archaist!

It is a dark time for the metaverse.  Ripples of discord radiate out from Vali, the world of Nox Archaist.  Lord British learns of the dangerous omens and seeks to return order to the chaos that threatens to consume creation!  He has journeyed to the world of Vali to assist and guide adventurers as they unravel the mysteries and face the challenges of Nox Archaist.

This is a big deal for us, as many of the people on our development team grew up playing the Ultima series of games written by Lord British.  A lot of our desire to write a tile based Apple II RPG springs from how much enjoyment those games brought us.

We can't wait to show everyone the world that we've created, and having Lord British in it makes it just that much more amazing.

If you would like to be involved, we will be launching our Kickstarter on May 2nd of 2019 to fund the creation of the boxed game and the cool "feelies" that go along with it, such as a cloth map and coins of the realm.  Click Here to learn more!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Mockingboard Music Demo

As the Nox Archaist Kickstarter launch draws closer (less than 15 days!), we have received requests for more demos of the game.

Watch and listen as Chris Torrence shows off the games Mockingboard music on his Apple IIe. As a bonus, he includes a sneak preview of the Kickstarter video introduction!

More soon!

Mark & the 6502 Workshop Team

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Friday, April 12, 2019

Mockingboard Support Update

As an excuse to remind you about our upcoming Kickstarter campaign on May 2nd, we have blatantly chosen this time to make this special announcement 🙂

Over the last few years, many people in the community have asked us to support the Mockingboard for in-game music in Nox Archaist.

You asked. We listened.

It's now official - Nox Archaist will have at least beta support for Mockingboard music when the game is released!

No, no, no. Not MockingBIRD. We're talking MockingBOARD here!

As things stand, the Mockingboard driver is functional and implemented with successful testing on a physical Enhanced Apple IIe and several emulators. What remains is creating additional music and debugging as we layer in the rest of the game content. We will attempt to test/debug across more Apple II models and emulators as well.

A special thanks to community contributors Tom Porter and Eric Rangell for their work on the Nox Archaist Mockingboard project, and also to Becky Burger, Tom Charlesworth for their advice. 

And, we hope to earn your support for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign!

Mark & the 6502 Workshop Team

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