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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

2-Year Anniversary Sale!

 As a holiday and 2-year release anniversary promotion, we are offering a 60% discount on digital products, including the Book of Hints and Making of Nox Archaist book! 

And, a
10% discount on all merch items at Willy's, the Nox Archaist store, such as mugs, posters, hoodies and the Lord British Undefeated T-shirt! Perfect for holiday gifts!

Books of Hints

Making of Nox Archaist

Nox Archaist T-Shirt

6502 Workshop Patreon!

Many thanks to everyone who has supported us on Patreon!

If you have not yet joined, would you consider helping 6502 Workshop release more games at a faster pace?

Patreon members get perks that give unparalleled insider access to details about the projects we have underway, and even the opportunity to directly influence those projects. 

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Patreon FAQ

How does Patreon help us produce games faster?

The short version is, the more income we receive from Patreon, the more time we can devote directly to making games.  This is especially true for lead developer Mark Lemmert, as his day job is freelance consulting. The nature of this job is such that he can adjust his workload as he sees fit.  This literally means that for Mark, income from Patreon translates directly to more game development hours each month!

Will 6502 Workshop make more games anyway, even without Patreon support?

Probably.  However, Patreon support helps us to do so much more quickly!

What sort of perks and insider access is available through Patreon?

Depending on your pledge level, you can get access to the Inner Circle Discord channel where only 6502 Workshop developers have access, and an invite to the monthly live video chat with the 6502 Workshop developers, insider updates, exclusive swag, and more!

Thanks for your support of Nox Archaist!