thank you

Special thanks go out to: Elizabeth (Beth) Daggert for brainstorming on darkness and flocking algorithms, loader zones, and more; and also to Peter Ferrie (qkumba) for permitting us to use ProRWTS, various decompressors and offering general assembly language advice.

We would also like to thank San Bergmans, developer of the SBASM cross assembler, for extensive product support including feature additions.

The following software has been incredibly useful during the game's development process:

ADTPro - Physical Disk and Disk Image Transfer Utility
AppleCommander - Disk Image Utility
AppleWin - Apple II emulator
ProRWTS - File I/O for ProDOS 
SBASM - Cross assembler

Thanks go out to the comp.sys.apple2.programmer forum community including David Schmidt, Michael Pohresky, Oliver Schmidt, Peter Ferrie, and many others for their time and advice on assembly language questions.

Finally, thanks to Richard Garriott, Steve Wozniak, and the rest of the early pioneers of the Apple II platform that inspired the Nox Archaist project and made this game possible.


  1. first, Thank you for doing this.
    second, is there a beta test team? I have most physical makes and models (minus the original Apple II) to test against as well as a myriad of peripheral cards to add to the mix, and would love to donate my time to helping out with testing, or any other function I might be able serve to help get this out.

    1. You're welcome and thanks for your interest! I'd be interested in discussing your offer, and learning more about your setup. Could you email me? ( Thanks.