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Thank You

Thanks to our Kickstarter backers who made it possible to create an 8-bit computer role-playing game, complete with a collector's edition game box, cloth map, and other cool feelies!

Thanks to our Patrons for helping us continue development on more projects!

Thanks to these folks for their early contributions that helped the Nox Archaist project get off the ground:
  • Elizabeth (Beth) Daggert for brainstorming on darkness and flocking algorithms, loader zones, and much more.
  • Peter Ferrie (qkumba) for permitting us to use ProRWTS, various decompressors and offering general assembly language advice.
  • Tom Porter and Eric Rangell for their work on adding Mockingboard support.
  • Ken Gagne at Juiced.GS for helping to spread the word about Nox Archaist to the Apple II community and for the opportunity to provide his readers an in-depth look at the technology behind the game.
  • Quinn Dunki and Mike Maginis at Open Apple for their support and encouragement for the Nox Archaist project and for the opportunity to tell our story to your listeners.
  • KansasFest volunteers for making the convention possible every year and providing us the opportunity to present Nox Archaist to a live audience. 
  • San Bergmans, developer of the SBASM cross assembler, for extensive product support including feature additions.
  • The comp.sys.apple2.programmer forum community including David SchmidtMichael Pohresky, Oliver Schmidt, Peter Ferrie, and many others for their time and advice on assembly language questions.

And, thanks to all players of Nox Archaist for whom we made this game!

Software and Utilities

The following software has been incredibly useful during the game's development process:

Finally, thanks to Richard Garriott, Steve Wozniak, and the rest of the early pioneers of the Apple II platform that inspired the Nox Archaist project and made this game possible.


  1. first, Thank you for doing this.
    second, is there a beta test team? I have most physical makes and models (minus the original Apple II) to test against as well as a myriad of peripheral cards to add to the mix, and would love to donate my time to helping out with testing, or any other function I might be able serve to help get this out.

    1. You're welcome and thanks for your interest! I'd be interested in discussing your offer, and learning more about your setup. Could you email me? ( Thanks.

  2. It says that the game will be a free download when released on the main page but also to pre-order now. Will the game be free or cost? Good thing to clarify.

    1. Sorry for the confusion!

      Nox Archaist will first be released to our Kickstarter and Pre-Order backers. A demo version of the game will be released as a free download, but it will take some take after initial release to put that together.

      I will clarify on the main page, thank you for brining that to my attention!

  3. are you planning a "nox" sequel?

    1. Thanks for your interest! Nothing is actively under development but there is a good chance of a sequel happening at some point.