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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Win Naming Rights to a Nox Archaist NPC!

Captain's Quarters BBS holds the naming rights to a pub in a pirate town and four pub patron NPCs. It is auctioning off the right to name the NPCs in the Captain's Quarters pub!

Captain's Quarters is one of the few remaining Apple II BBS's and runs on a real Apple IIgs.  The top four finishers of the BBS's Masters of Trivia game will get to name an NPC!


There are several options to login Captains Quarters BBS and participate in the contest:

With your Apple II equipped with wifi modem, atdt to

Don't have a wifi modem?  Get one here:

Anti wifi modem?  Here are other ways to connect:


telnet:// 6502

MicroM8 Applle II emulator
-launch Proterm and ATDT69

Zoc7 Terminal Emulator Program

SyncTerm BBS Terminal Program

Monday, November 11, 2019

C64-esque CRPG SKALD is live on Indiegogo!

Run, don’t walk, to reserve your copy of SKALD on Indiegogo, a fantastic CRPG for modern computers which delivers a C64 like gaming experience with modern quality of life sensibilities.

Click here to view SKALD's campaign.

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