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Richard Garriott (AKA Lord British, creator of the Ultima series and father of the computer RPG genre) and Rebecca Heineman (AKA Becky Burger, creator of Bard's Tale III and Dragon Wars) are
 both looking forward to playing Nox Archaist!



Nox Archaist

Developer :
6502 Workshop, LLC
Based in Wisconsin

Nox Trailer

Release Date:
December 12, 2020

Over 50 hours

Apple II
Mac - Windows


Contact Info:

Nox Archaist is an Ultima inspired, 8-bit, tile-based, role-playing game, developed on the old-school Apple II and playable on the Apple II, MAC and PC.

Nox Archaist is set in a sinister world ruled by sorcery and swords. Adventurers brave enough to explore Nox Archaist will encounter engaging NPCs and a vast storyline within a non-linear world. Hordes of vile enemies will block your path to fame and riches.

Gamers will enjoy features like skills-driven character development and strategic turn-based combat scenarios which integrate with the game's storyline and push the boundaries of the Apple II platform.

About 6502 Workshop, LLC:

6502 Workshop is the grass roots game development effort of a small team of technology and graphics professionals including newcomers to the gaming industry and long time Apple II veterans. We feel that there is something inherently special about the classic RPG style which has been lost in modern games. While we enjoy playing modern games, it is a different experience. We wrote a modern interpretation of a classic game game format with a goal of playing the game and sharing it with others.

6502 Workshop Mission:
  • Develop a fun game CRPG enthusiasts will enjoy playing 
  • Include ideas and features sourced from the Apple II community when possible 
  • Explore a modern evolution of the Apple II RPG genre 
  • Create a repository of hard to find technical information on developing Apple II games  
  • Determine how many two layer shrubberies with a path down the middle will fit within the Apple II hi-res screen


Press and Media

  • "I greatly look forward to exploring this realm!"
              -Lord British, Ultima Creator
  • "I can’t wait to play this game on my Apple IIgs!"
              -Rebecca Heineman, Bards Tale III Creator
  • "The game goes beyond the Ultima series in character development."
              -CRPG Addict
  • "Man, I am so impressed with this game. So much fun! You totally nailed it."
              -Matt Barton, host of Matt Chat
  • “I'm excited to see old-school development of the Apple II in 2017. Nox Archaist looks to bring us all back to the origin of high-fantasy CRPGs" 
              -Ken Gagne, Editor-in-Chief, Juiced.GS
  • “As someone who enjoyed the original Ultima games on the Apple II, I am really looking forward to Nox Archaist! It’s got that old-school feel but with modern gameplay elements. Awesome!"
              -Chris Torrence, Host, Assembly Lines Podcast
  • “It looks like they are aiming for quite a bit higher level of detail than the Ultima’s ever reached on the 8-bit Apples because they are doing things like swimming, you can swim under water, and your character’s head shows above the water, you can sink into swamps and all these sorts of things. Really nice attention to detail while still having that very 8-bit high res graphics tile based aesthetic”
              -Quinn Dunki, Co-Host, Open Apple

Press Releases

Nox Archaist Feelies

Sample Content

Venture into the wilderness!

Delve into the deep, where treasure swells and dragons sleep!

Rest and count your gold!

Visit mighty castles!

Explore their battlements and towers! 

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