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The Architects of the Chaos that is Nox Archaist

Development Team
  • Mark Lemmert: game engine and general programming, game design, project lead.
  • Mike Reimer: game design, sound development, web admin, lead PITA.
  • Bill Giggie: graphics development lead, game design. Bill's day job is as a professional graphics animator in the movie industry. 
  • Robert Padovan: graphics development. Robert's day job is as a professional graphics animator in the movie industry. 
  • Gordon Mackay: graphic artist. 
  • Electric Moo: demo video music, soundtrack CD. In his day job Electric Moo is a professional musician. 
  • Peter Ferrie (/aka Qkumba): low-level programming including file system I/O and copy protection.  
  • Jarrod Kailef: online community building, written communications, and game design. Jarrod is a veteran of several gaming projects including Richard Garriott’s Shroud of the Avatar and the 1980s reboot Sundog: Resurrection.
  • Michael Pohoreski: toolchain programming, optimizations and various in-game modules such as the splash screen, main menu, and character creation. 
Project Advisors
  • Elizabeth (Beth) Daggert: veteran of the modern and 1980s gaming industry. Elizabeth has worked for studios such as Presage Software and LucasArts. A few of her projects include Load Runner Online and Yoda's Challenge
  • Peter Ferrie (/aka Qkumba): grand master 6502 assembly language programmer and veteran modern software developer with experience at companies such as Microsoft are Symantec.
  • Michael Pohoreski: Michael is professional game developer at Electronic Arts and many other companies. One of the primary developers of AppleWIN.

We all have a high level of passion and enthusiasm for CRPG games and bring to the table many years of professional experience in field such as technology, computer graphics, printed artwork, music and business management.

Our Mission at 6502 Workshop

  • Produce a fun game CRPG enthusiasts will enjoy playing
  • Include ideas and features sourced from the Apple II community when possible
  • Develop a modern evolution of the Apple II RPG genre, while exploring how gameplay might have advanced in tile-based RPGs if large scale development had continued on the Apple II platform after the 1980s
  • Create a repository of hard to find technical information on developing Apple II games
  • Determine how many two layer shrubberies with a path down the middle will fit on the Apple II hi-res screen

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