about 6502 workshop

Nox Archaist Development Team
  • Mark Lemmert: game engine and general programming, game design, project leader
  • Mike Reimer: game design, sound development, web admin
  • Bill Giggie: graphics development, game design
  • Robert Padovan: graphics development  
We are all 20+ year technology and graphics professionals with enthusiasm for CRPG games.

Our Mission at 6502 Workshop:
  • Produce a fun game CRPG enthusiasts will enjoy playing
  • Include ideas and features sourced from the Apple II community when possible
  • Develop a modern evolution of the Apple II RPG genre, while exploring how gameplay might have advanced in tile-based RPGs if large scale development had continued on the Apple II platform after the 1980s.
  • Create a repository of hard to find technical information on developing Apple II games
  • Determine how many two layer shrubberies with a path down the middle will fit on the Apple II hi-res screen
Contact us via a blog post or by email to mark@6502workshop.com.

Click here for a link to our press kit.

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