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Friday, May 13, 2016

New Features: In-Game Clock and Sunrise/Sunset

We are excited to announce new features in Nox Archaist, a new role playing game we are developing exclusively for the Apple II platform and emulators.

An in-game clock has been implemented in Nox Archaist which allows us to trigger events based on the time of day.  The first events we've built off of this new game clock are automatic sunrise and sunset.

We have a gameplay demo showing sunrise/sunset in Nox Archaist here:

Stay tuned for a Tech Talk posting coming soon that will discuss how hidden tiles (/aka darkness) are generated in Nox Archaist to simulate sunrise, sunset and terrain such as mountains and trees blocking line of sight.

About Nox Archaist
Nox Archaist is a 2D tile based fantasy RPG with a classic Apple II look and feel. We are taking advantage of the full 128k available on the IIe and later models which will help us create features and effects that may not have been seen in vintage 1980s Apple games.

Sunset: 8:30pm

Sunrise 5:30am


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