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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Will Nox Archaist Have Food?

A new Nox Archaist podcast interview was released this week, hosted by project backers "Matt and Chris" on their YouTube channel.

They have a really cool format for their podcast where the hosts, guest, and gameplay footage play in separate windows on a split screen.

Click here to check out the podcast and join us for a discussion about:

  • Whether Nox Archaist will have food
  • Tech Talk! How Nox Archaist wizards shoot lightning bolts. 
  • Why we think preserving 6502 assembly language knowledge is import 
  • A secret puzzle mechanic Mark blabbed about
  • More!

Matt and Chris have episodes for many other classic games such as Ultima and Bard's Tale! To check these out, visit their YouTube channel.

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