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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Help Nox Archaist make it to #1!

The awesome Ultima news site “Ultima Codex” is hosting a poll for the "Favorite Ultima Inspired Project" of 2017. Nox Archaist is currently ranked #2 thanks to the strong turnout from our fans. Thank you!

However… not to be greedy or anything, but… we want to be Number One!  No, that doesn’t mean we have an excessive fascination with Commander William Riker, and we don’t want to step over the backs of chairs.  But it does mean that we’re just a few votes from being the #1 most anticipated Ultima-inspired project of all of 2017!

If you haven't voted yet, or are inclined to vote twice (just kidding, plus you can’t, we tried), please click here and cast your vote today!

In the upcoming Kickstarter, it would be great for the project if we were voted #1 :-)

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