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Monday, September 28, 2020

The Haunted Pass

Adventurer's Log

Day 24: Well, the Haunted Pass did indeed turn out to be a shortcut. To death, that is. Grognard the dwarf fighter fell in battle once again, this time fighting hordes of undead. We beat a hasty retreat into the woods, where we stumbled upon a peaceful town. Nox Aetros continues to remind us that we're supposed to be investigating some sort of mysterious cult. Perhaps tomorrow.

Day 25: We're back in Bayport. It turns out there wasn't a healer in the woods. At one point we stumbled upon some old friends and had a great conversation. But alas, no one there knew anything about raising the dead. 

Bayport - Civilization, of a sort

Day 26: We bought a ship! None of us actually know anything about sailing, but Phyrra claims to have had a cousin who was in a boat once, so that's good enough for us. We're currently sailing along in a caravel, off to visit the islands.

Day 30: I think we might be lost at sea. At one point we fought off a pirate ship, the scurvy knaves. Then the sharks chased us right into a thunderstorm. Poor Phyrra tried to duck but, alas, a bolt of lightning got her. I see an island ahead, we'll head for it.

Day 31: I think we've found something. A cave near the beach. Bridgit found lots of footprints near the entrance, and she even found a discarded robe. The cultists for sure! Nox Aetros is busy preparing his spells, while Grognard gathers our torches and lockpicks. We'll enter the cave after nightfall. Hopefully everyone will be asleep by then and we can surprise them!

Tester's Log

Our update for September is short and sweet because we are in full crunch mode, working hard testing, tweaking, and polishing to make Nox Archaist the game we've all been waiting for! In the last month we've done 9 patch releases, addressed 177 issues, and made 347 commits to the code repository. Our beta testers have been playing the latest release for several days now, with no major bugs. Still, we know that we have a ways to go. We have people going through all of the game dialogue (over 4600 lines of it!), and others are testing the quests to make sure they're consistent and solvable, while still other are testing the combat module.

Chris Torrence finishes up the Wax Seals on the 400+ Writs from the Queen

As we promised last month, we have an update on a target release date.  We're shooting for late November. The feedback we've received from backers has been very positive and has unanimously encouraged us to focus on quality rather than rushing something out the door, so with that in mind, we may need to make further adjustments to the target date.

As always, we will keep you informed.

We hope everyone is staying safe and well.

-Mark and the 6502 Workshop Team
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    1. Hi Jeffrey, you're welcome and thanks for sharing your enthusiasm!

  2. Thank you as always for the detailed and regular updates, rather rare for KickStarter campaigns in my history. They enable me to remain firmly on team quality over deadline. BTW The email blast had a link to the August update, not this one.

    1. You're welcome! Thanks for your support and letting me know about the link error.