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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Official Nox Archaist Book of Hints


We are excited to announce the official Nox Archaist Book of Hints is now available for preorder, expected to ship late May! 

Click HERE to reserve your copy of the printed coil-bound edition + e-book!

At over 175 pages the Book of Hints is filled with:

  • Walkthroughs

  • Hints

  • Merchant & item information

  • Replay tips

  • Maps (spoiler and non-spoiler)

Players who just want a hint on a tough quest, players who want a full step-by-step walkthrough and those looking for strategies to spice up a replay will all find lots of useful information in the Book of Hints.

(more sample pages are available on the preorder page)

The text and layout of the Book of Hints are complete. We are running a preorder so we know how many books to order from the printing company. 

Click HERE to reserve your copy!


The arcade style game Attack of the Petscii Robots has been freshly ported to the Apple II!

A digital edition and boxed-set are available to order from the 8-bit Guy, who shows some gameplay and talks about some of the technical aspects of the project in this video.

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If you haven't already, we invite you to join our Nox Archaist Discord server. It's a great place to share tips and tricks with other players and ask questions to the dev team.

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