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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Lord British T-Shirt **NEW** & Holiday Discounts!

As a holiday and 1-year anniversary promotion, we are offering a 10% discount on all items at Willy's, the Nox Archaist store, until Dec 31. Enter promo code HOLIDAY2021 at checkout.    

In addition to mugs, posters, adventure journals, Nox Archaist boxed sets and more, the store also now has a Lord British t-shirt!

According to former Origin Systems developer Dr. Cat, Nox Archaist is the only personal computer game that Lord British appears in as a character in which he remains undefeated!

This is also a great time to order the Book of Hints, which, now has much lower shipping costs for destinations outside the United States. The book is also eligible for the holiday discount. 

The discount also applies to Nox Archaist boxed sets, which are in stock and ready to ship!

There is still time to preorder the Making of Nox Archaist book, expected to ship February 2022. This is a little later than originally intended but this will allow us to get some additional content into the book that wasn't originally planned. 

Click HERE to reserve your copy of the printed edition + ebook, both with color cover and interior!

And…..if you haven't already, we invite you to join our Nox Archaist Discord server. It's a great place to share tips and tricks with other players and ask questions to the dev team.


-Mark, Chris & the 6502 Workshop Team

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  1. I would totally order that shirt, if there was an organic cotton or hemp option. "More-eco-friendly" dyes for that option would be a much appreciated, too.