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Software Updates


If you purchased Nox Archaist and would like to download a software update, please PM @Nox Ffred Dragon on Discord or email us:

support [at]


  • Version

    • First production release
    • **NOTE: Contains beta floppy version

BETA RELEASE (Current Cycle)

  • Version 1.1.5 (beta)

    • **NOTE: Contains beta floppy version
      • #637  - Flee mechanic added. Press ESC during combat to flee. 1/2 gold will be lost. 
      • #638  - Demo mode was added
      • #657  - IIgs /w CFFA boot up fixes: freeze during splash screen or during game (CDA issue), 128k memory required displayed in error, attempted fastboot issue fix
      • #642  - two shields readied was causing intermittent crashes in quick combat. This is now fixed.
      • #641  - fixed some bugs which would have caused crashes on single floppy drive systems. Single floppy drive is still not officially supported though it may be more reliable than it was before. 
      • #635  - DMG for Digital Edition is now compatible with older versions of MacOS
      • #652 - crash was occurring in some cases when inventory was full, rather than displaying the "inventory full" message on screen. 
      • xxxx - modified some maps to make it less likely for player to get trapped when running out of lock picks
      • #654 - fixed a rare crash triggered by having two shield readied or sometimes with a shield and one weapon, and then entering into two quick combats in a row
      • xxxx  - Removed log file creation from Nox App (MacOS and Windows). Removed debugger and associated network code from Windows version. 
      • #634  - modified damage (character stats screen) was not updating if skill score increased during combat. This is now fixed.
      • #627  - Magic Shop merchant no longer asks for QTY when purchasing spell books
      • #622  - Castle Foolery stable merchant's (L)ook text response has been fixed
      • #620  - Previously, if a pirate ship fired its cannon on its turn just before the player enters another map (i.e. town), the cannon fire would appear on the new map. This is now fixed. 
      • #625  - (L)ook text for stalactites and stalagmites was backwards.
      • #632  - Added a synonym to the dialog of Guard Captain in Nourtheld Castle
      • #630  - fixed continuity issue with a keyword in dialog for Nox Valess
      • #629  - Added a synonym to the dialog of the magic mouth in Daniel & Noah's Cove
      • #639  - "fast" mode is now forced off when exiting from all transport. This saved some memory. 
      • #651 - leaving players at Inn caused problems with food capacity. Now fixed
      • #653 - dodge skill wasn't always increment properly
      • xxxx - minor clarification made to clue trail for Pickaxe Quest
      • #640 - readying two shields and unreadying one of them was causing in ability to attack in combat and incorrect items names in left/right hand on the main character stats screen (stats0). These are all fixed. 

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