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NOX ARCHAIST I: Lord of Storms (Expansion) 


  • Once children are reunited with their father, Lord Code Massuer, the dragon in the original game vanishes,
    • A fix has been identified and it will be included in an eventual path to LOS


  • Version 1.3.7 (CURRENT RELEASE)



This section lists known issues and whether a fix is planned.

  • Quest items in inventory do not disappear after completing fetch quests (example: bringing Grumpy Gus his hammer)
    • No fixed planned due to system resource limitations 

  • Several grass tiles by the Suurtheld Castle and Knaerwood archery ranges report "blocked"
    • No fixed planned due to system resource limitations 
    • For the background on why this is happening see the pinned posts in the #bug-reports channel on the Nox Archaist Discord server. 


  • Version 1.1.9 (CURRENT RELEASE)
        • #657 - fixed crash that was occurring if a rez was cast and a living mob/PC was occupying the last screen position occupied by the rez target
        • #694 - If Quick combat is set to ON in the settings menu, and combat is with a mob who forces tactical combat (i.e. boss, sharks, Cultist by Maldac) combat will have weird text and icon placement and crash on ESC to exit after the battle
        • #709 - the inventory full calculation was off, which could cause a crash when adding items if the players inventory was full. Fixed. 
        • #695 - (T)alk to upper right Caravel (guard ship) in Bayport results in crash. Fixed.
        • #728 - Combat with undead mobs felt extremely unbalanced in Quick Combat versus Tactical Combat. Cause by QC not detecting undead mob status.
        • #672 - clarified Knight Paragon text about bandit threat quest
        • #665 - removed duplicate shield entry from Bayport Armory merchant
        • #658 - fixed incorrect tile in guardian chamber (south)
        • #662 - Nox Thun was misspelled as Nox Thum in a few places
        • #668 - NPCs in castles could walk onto weapon display tiles ($46) if trying to navigate around the player or another NPC
        • #670 - corrected typo in Bayport magic shop into text
        • #660 - Phyrra's starting range skill was supposed to be 20 but was 8. Fixed.
        • #674 - Added 2 guards to Swanmouth
        • #677 - clarified Lord British clue for pirate island location
        • #706 - "Cultist Scroll" a minor and redundant quest item was able to be sold. It is now protected from being sold. 
        • #708 - Added Easter egg keyword to Nox Igvius in Suurtheld
        • #703 - Nox Thun (joinable NPC) was able to train right away and all other NPCs could. Fixed.
        • #698 - corrected directions given by Dokeck to "northwest" instead of "north"
        • #700 - fixed cosmetic line feed issue in text for Ayre in Knaerwood ("alive" keyword)
        • #712 - chest in Veylan wouldn't appear if that tile was first on screen at the same time as a mob attack. This was a one-off fix, the root issue the caused this still exists.
        • There also a case in Grymvi with an Ettin and a general object. This was fixed as a one-off as well.  
        • #661 - NPCs once joined and player's character at games start had a skill progress bucket size of 12 and 8 respectively, and it should have been 2. The game changed to the correct value after the 1st combat, making this a cosmetic issue only. Init values are now fixed.
        • #676 - Revised Lord British's advice text to make it more clear that Captain Raque is not an ally
        • #680 - tweaked text of "Cultist scroll" to change a word too big to fit on one line. Cosmetic only.
        • #688 -  St Giles sword and Gnomesbane were sellable but should not have been because they are unique items. This is fixed, they are now not able to be sold. 
        • #686 - Maldac exit changed to west side on Overworld map
        • #705 - changed (L)ook text from lava to magma for underground tiles. 
        • #714 - changed (L)ook text and mob name from bats to vampire bats
        • #713 - tweaked dialog of orc pubkeeper in Knomwaer to make him sound more orc-like.
        • #715 - corrected directions given by Grumpy in Knaerwood.
        • #707 - added alternate keyword to pubkeeper (Grumpy) for one of his clues
        • #701 - added light to Red Torch Inn so innkeeper is visible in the evening. 
        • #716 - added light to Maldac Inn so innkeeper is visible in the evening.
        • #717 - added light to Maldac Armory so innkeeper is visible in the evening.  
        • #718 - added light to Thieves Guild front so merchant is visible in the evening.  
        • #687 - Revised Captain Axle text to clarify description of "clean up docks" quest so player doesn't accidentally get attacked by town guards. 
        • #685 - Fixed case where Lord British has no advice to give because no quest on the mainline is active. 
        • #719 - Fixed skill_max (behind the scenes item stat) which cause the max damage for Staff of Foolery to be inaccurate. 
        • #720 - Freed up Main Disk space by merging SRTN.TEXT_MISC into SRTN.INVENTORY, eliminating the file system overhead for the additional file. This affects signs and books. Ask beta testers to read as many books and signs as they can as I had to manually edit their individual seek offset formulas.  
        • #659 - Changed Demon Lord tile art
        • #657 - fixed crash that was occurring if a rez was cast and a living mob/PC was occupying the last screen position occupied by the rez target
        • #721 - heal and rez spells when aborted (ESC) were forfeiting casters turn in combat. This is now fixed. 
        • #723 - NPCs in towns/castles with Inns were very rarely vanishing after resting at an Inn. The would reappear after exiting/reentering the town, but not by (W)aiting. The reported
        • case was the Nourtheld Innkeeper. 
        • Testers: Please watch for NPCs not being where they should be and not appearing even after (W)aiting 24 hours.
        • #692 - grass battlefield displays when attacked by a sea mob when on the Shipwreck tiles
        • or the shipwreck mast tile (landed on by Player Wyvern). This is now fixed, shoreline battlefield now is used. 
        • #725 - the Armor Defense Rating was wrong for Mage Necklace +7 and +8. Fixed
        • #724 - the Armor Defense Rating was wrong for Thief Necklace +7, +8, +10. Fixed
        • #704 - fixed some spacing issues in the Heroes Registry book
        • #684 - Nox Archaist tile was scrambled after changing font from rainbow to white, until a save/reboot occurred. Fixed. 
        • #729 - Armory merchant (image NPC) in Knomewaer said he is off duty after he comes back from lunch break. Fixed.
        • #689 - If player killed an NPC in Bayport, Thieves guild bosses wouldn't attack. High Cultist wouldn't attack if player killed other cultists near by. Both cases are fixed. 
        • #696 - fixed various cases involving ready and unready of items, including the inability
        • to ready two units of the same weapon.
        • #666 - (L)ook on a Frigate didn't work for south and east. It now works. The look-out is in the upper left tile of the ship. 
        • #690 - changed "seize him!" to "seize 'em!" in the guard text for gender neutrality. 
        • #731, #732, #740 - NPC text tweaks
        • #739 - cleaned up URL text in Book of Maps
        • #737 - If the player had 1 character with a chaos wand or the laster character in the roster had the chaos wand, the mobs could steal it in Quick Combat and give you the business. 
        • An adjustment was made to mob spell casters in Quick Combat balance in some corner cases, decreasing their power some.
        • #745 - unready item from both hands and then readying shield resulted in shield in left hand and no fists in right hand. Fixed. 
        • #741 - corrected inconsistently in (G)et location text for the various ruins. 
        • #742 - fixed typo in Orcs' Lair map name. 
        • #743 - adjusted text for trainers when player doesn't have enough gold
        • #746 - chest in Shipwreck (game start) was vanishing after going up/down stairs, but only if player had taken magic missile. This was an anti-farming measure on the chest that wasn't implemented in an ideal way. It's been changed so the chest only vanishes after the payer leave the shipwreck for the first time. 
        • #747 - non-magic weapons could damage ghosts (Nourtheld catacombs) unlike all other undead. This is fixed. 
        • #748  - Fixed skill max on Gnomebane, Sword of St Giles, Giant Morning Star
        • #749  - Cosmetic text tweak on Various level 2 (text trigger tile)
        • #751  - Cosmetic text tweak on 1st rhyme in Nystul's maze
        • #752  - Added several clues to the Hraakvar's bow quest
        • #754  - Staff of Foolery and Giant morning star weren't sorting properly. The fix is only effective for new games started on v1.1.8 or later if the party already has either of these items. 
        • PR #669, 668, 667, 666, 664: minor text tweaks (included a tweak to gnome guard and pirate guard text, which caused SRTN.NPC.TALK.ADDRESS to be moved to two bytes lower in memory)
        • #755  - Sword of St. Giles, Hraakvar's Bow, and Gnomesbane weren't sorting properly. The fix is only effective for new games started on v1.1.9 or later if the party already has either of these items. 
        • ???   - Towers wasn't capitalized in the Arcus Magus's response when completing the "Join the Order" quest, and the towers keyword contains information on where the Magus Tirrus towers are located.  
        • ???   - Fixed typo in "Registry of Nox"
        • #757  - Harpies were accidentally set to undead. They've are now in the world of the living.
        • #756  - Range attacks when mob was on left screen edge would result in no projectile drawing. This is now fixed.
        • #759  - When in the catacombs level of ruins at 5:30am the sun would rise even though night mode should be perpetual in these under group maps. Fixed.
        • PR# 670, 671, 672: cosmetic text tweaks
        • #760 - Dodge skill of 96-99 was bypassing the overflow check, causing uneven results in the dodge success rate.

  • Version 1.1.4
        • #637  - Flee mechanic added. Press ESC during combat to flee. 1/2 gold will be lost. 
        • #638  - Demo mode was added
        • #657  - IIgs /w CFFA boot up fixes: freeze during splash screen or during game (CDA issue), 128k memory required displayed in error, attempted fastboot issue fix
        • #642  - two shields readied was causing intermittent crashes in quick combat. This is now fixed.
        • #641  - fixed some bugs which would have caused crashes on single floppy drive systems. Single floppy drive is still not officially supported though it may be more reliable than it was before. 
        • #635  - DMG for Digital Edition is now compatible with older versions of MacOS
        • #652 - crash was occurring in some cases when inventory was full, rather than displaying the "inventory full" message on screen. 
        • xxxx - modified some maps to make it less likely for player to get trapped when running out of lock picks
        • #654 - fixed a rare crash triggered by having two shield readied or sometimes with a shield and one weapon, and then entering into two quick combats in a row
        • xxxx  - Removed log file creation from Nox App (MacOS and Windows). Removed debugger and associated network code from Windows version. 
        • #634  - modified damage (character stats screen) was not updating if skill score increased during combat. This is now fixed.
        • #627  - Magic Shop merchant no longer asks for QTY when purchasing spell books
        • #622  - Castle Foolery stable merchant's (L)ook text response has been fixed
        • #620  - Previously, if a pirate ship fired its cannon on its turn just before the player enters another map (i.e. town), the cannon fire would appear on the new map. This is now fixed. 
        • #625  - (L)ook text for stalactites and stalagmites was backwards.
        • #632  - Added a synonym to the dialog of Guard Captain in Nourtheld Castle
        • #630  - fixed continuity issue with a keyword in dialog for Nox Valess
        • #629  - Added a synonym to the dialog of the magic mouth in Daniel & Noah's Cove
        • #639  - "fast" mode is now forced off when exiting from all transport. This saved some memory. 
        • #651 - leaving players at Inn caused problems with food capacity. Now fixed
        • #653 - dodge skill wasn't always increment properly
        • xxxx - minor clarification made to clue trail for Pickaxe Quest
        • #640 - readying two shields and unreadying one of them was causing in ability to attack in combat and incorrect items names in left/right hand on the main character stats screen (stats0). These are all fixed. 

  • Version

    • First production release
    • **NOTE: Contains beta floppy version


  • None curently

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