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Saturday, March 26, 2016

State of the game: We’ve been writing code like it’s 1989

The most technically challenging part of developing the game is complete, though a lot of work is certainly ahead of us. 

We’ve created a fully functional tile graphics engine which is currently configured as an outside or “surface” map. A player can traverse the 128x128 tile map filled with diverse terrain including oceans, rivers, mountains, fields of short and tall grass, beach, and more! Adding additional tiles takes minutes due to the scalability built into the engine and the Apple graphics design tools we’ve created.

Watch for a future post about the Magic Scroll of Cheating! The graphics engine will be largely reusable for other parts of the game. For example, features such as towns and castles can be created with their own unique tile set and map. Of course we will include additional elements such as NPCs, merchants, and special events that occur at a specific place and time.

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