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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sneak Peak: Towns and NPCs

Juiced.GS Magazine recently published an article we wrote providing a technical overview about Nox A*

Nox A* is a custom developed algorithm that NPCs in Nox Archaist use to figure out a route to take when traveling between locations on a town map at scheduled times throughout the day. For example, a blacksmith might be found at home, at his/her shop, or at the local eatery depending on the time.

The demo video below shows Nox A* in action, featuring a merchant walking from her living quarters to her store front.

Stay tuned to our blog for the premier of our first town featuring:
  • Interactive objects such as portcullis, levers and doors.
  • Many animated graphics such as fountains, wells, fireplaces and more!
  • Dozens of NPCs moving about the town on their daily schedules.
  • Conversation with NPCs in a pop-up window. 
Many thanks to our new team member Bill Giggie for his recent work on the town artwork. Bill is a professional graphics animator in the movie industry and is really helping bring the world of Nox Archaist to life!


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