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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Chris Torrence Joins Dev Team

Programming a brand new Apple ][ RPG in 6502 Assembly was very hard back in the 80s and early 90s.
  Development teams were forging new frontiers, creating new ideas and modes of gameplay that had never been seen before!  It was a immense creative and technical challenge to be the point of the spear in that exciting time at the dawn of the home computer age.  Coders in that era did have one small advantage over today's game developers though, and that was a much smaller field of competitors.

Today, the 6502 Workshop faces a different set of challenges.  Our team has some amazing programmers, and we're crafting what we believe will be the ultimate Apple ][ retro gaming experience.  It's already an incredible game engine, but our current challenge is something else entirely:  How do we get the word out so that people know what Nox Archaist is going to offer?  We're just one tiny dot in a sea of independent developers, like a single star among thousands in the night sky.  How do we make our light shine brightly enough to be noticed?

With that in mind, we've begun replacing our former marketing department (which primarily consisted of house pets) with people who actually know what they're doing in that field.  We are therefore excited to welcome Chris Torrence to the 6502 Workshop team!  Besides being a skilled software development team leader and professional programmer, he has a significant amount of Kickstarter experience and is a very active in the Apple II community.  For example, he regularly attends KansasFest, and is the host of the Assembly Lines Video Podcast. Some of his other contributions include editing Assembly Lines: The Complete Book and recently fixing bugs in Wizardry.

Chris will be taking the lead on creating the Nox Archaist Kickstarter reboot campaign and will be managing a lot of the logistics relating to the physical "feelie" items associated with the game.  He's a great addition to the team and a great guy in general, and we think you'll like him just as much as we do.

-Mark & the 6502 Workshop Team

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