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Monday, November 20, 2017

Nox Archaist Home Forum!

It’s a blast from the past:  Nox Archaist has it’s own forums!  You remember these from back in the 90s and early 2000s, right?  Why wait to get retro with Nox Archaist: The Game when you can hop on the wayback machine right now with Nox Archaist: The Forums!

But seriously though, we’ve set up these forums so that anyone interested in Nox Archaist will have a place to discuss the game with other people and members the development team.  It’s a great spot to get inside information, offer feature suggestions, and possibly even give us ideas on what to do about our abysmal marketing department!

Even now there is a thriving discussion going on about Mockingboards as several Apple II sound programmers craft ideas on adding support for it to Nox Archaist.  We hope that after Nox Archaist is released that the forums will be alive with players talking about their in-game exploits and challenges, and pointing out all of the easter eggs that they may have found….

Stop by the forums today and be among the first to post!

-Mark and the 6502 Workshop Team

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