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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Nox Archaist Apple IIgs Enhanced Version

We are pleased to announce that 6502 Workshop now has plans to produce an Apple IIgs enhanced version of Nox Archaist!

While the 8-bit version of Nox Archaist currently in development will run on an Apple IIgs, the enhanced version we've added to our product road map will take advantage of the IIgs system's 16-bit graphics and sound capabilities.

And, the project will be led by none other than Apple IIgs expert Burger Becky!

(Nox Archaist Developer Mark Lemmert and Burger Becky at KansasFest 2019)

To be clear, work on the Apple IIgs version of Nox Archaist is a separate project from the 8-bit version and the associated Kickstarter 2019 campaign. Work will begin on the IIgs version after the 8-bit version is released.

Thank you for your ongoing interest and support!

Mark & the 6502 Workshop Team

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  1. whoa...
    what part will IIGS version have enhancement ?
    naturally i guess it would be about graphics and sounds.

    1. You are correct! The IIgs version will use the platform's Ensoniq chip and 16-bit graphics. The storyline and game mechanics will be substantially the same as the 8-bit version.

  2. Besides Mockingboard support, can we look forward to MIDI or is that about as far as things go?

    1. For the 8-bit release of Nox Archaist, the game will have Mockingboard support but not MIDI. For the later 16-bit IIgs enhanced version, we're expecting it's sound will use the IIgs Ensoniq chip.

  3. Hi, is there any news on the Apple IIgs conversion of Nox Archaist? I'm eagerly awaiting news, any news!!

  4. Becky is making progress. She recently said she hopes to have it done by KansasFest next year (July 2023), but please treat that date as aspirational, it will probably change!

  5. Great! Thanks for the tidbit!!!!