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Friday, September 20, 2019

Nox Archaist Game Boxes, Cloth Maps and Floppy Disks Oh My!

The materials for fulfilling the rewards for our Nox Archaist Kickstarter Campaign are starting to roll in!

Chris Torrence is not just the host of the Assembly Lines Podcast, he is heading up the 6502 Workshop assembly line!

When the cartons of game boxes and cloth maps arrived, he had fun making a pyramid and might build a castle later, just so somebody can storm it 🙂

And, we managed to rustle up thousands of 5.25" floppy disks!

We're totally retro here. Even our USB sticks look like floppy disks!

More materials are still in process as we work toward the culmination of this exciting 4+ year project.

Thanks for your interest in Nox Archaist!

If you haven't yet reserved your copy, we still have pre-order discounts available! Click here to check out our pre-order bundles.

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  1. Apart the already, huge challenge, of developing a complete new game.
    That amazes me; is that you've found:
    - A huge pile of new floppy disks (Does a company still producing them?)
    - a company to produce the clothing maps; I'm quite sure that's not around the corner.
    - other goodies

    Maybe you can blog/vlog in future, a "behind the scene" of Nox Archaist.
    To show how you did your game (logistic) production. It would be very interessting for the whole Apple II community. And who knows, help some future game production as well.

    What a great job already acomplished! Congrats!

    1. Thanks for the congrats and your enthusiasm!

      You’re right, there are not companies that mass-produce produce things like cloth maps, computer game boxes, etc. The key to the logistics side of producing a retro game is to identify companies which mass-produce an item which can be modified for retro purposes. For example, board game boxes are still mass produced. Put different art on them and they become a retro computer game box :-)

      The company printing the cloth maps is really a company that prints to various types of fabric for clothing. We had to identify a fabric which would work for our purposes, which took some trial and error.

      There is not a company producing floppy disks anymore. In our research we learned that the last production run was around 1995. Procuring floppy disks was definitely a challenge. We had several options identified, which were workable but not quiet ideal, and ultimately somebody in the community stepped forward and sold us the disks we needed. He had acquired a large quantity of government surplus disks years ago. So, they are “new”, old disks :-)

      We hope to write-up more content about the making of Nox Archaist in the future.

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  3. Very exciting and now palpable! Haven't been this stoked about a game launch since, um, 1988! :)

    1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing, we share the excitement!