Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Game Wisdom Podcast Interviews Mark Lemmert (Nox Archaist Dev)

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Josh Bycer of the Game Wisdom Podcast about Nox Archaist.

Click here for a direct link to the interview.

Josh's podcast is known for taking a deep dive into game development processes and I had the opportunity to discuss several topics in more detail, including:
  • Influence of modern games
  • Nox Archaist classless system
  • What it’s like creating a game engine from scratch in assembly language
  • Discussion on Nox Archaist's development build process

Mark & the 6502 Workshop Team

Website - http://www.6502workshop.com
Forums - http://forums.noxarchaist.com
Twitter - @6502Workshop
Facebook - http://facebook.noxarchaist.com
Kickstarter - http://kickstarter.noxarchaist.com

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