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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The Best Ale in Wynmar, plus a Splash Screen Sneak Peek

Adventurer's Log

Game Day 13: Why did I listen to that ornery mage? Now we're on a quest to find an uncharted ocean island. Wow, that sea serpent was huge! When it thrashed its tail and swamped the ship, I thought we were goners.

Game Day 15: Made it back to the Captain's Quarters pub. Best ale in Wynmar! We picked up some tips on navigation from a cranky sailer. Also picked up some new, um, vocabulary. Definitely not meant for polite company.

Game Day 16: Well, we've headed down into the Underworld to search for Cultists. Poor Nox Aetros nearly bought it when we were surprised by a group of enraged minotaurs! And what was up with that magic mouth on the wall that seemed to be taunting us? It threatened to taunt us a second time.

Game Day 19: Out of the Underworld. Now we're trudging through the stinking swaps to reach Maldac. Who builds a town in the middle of a swamp? Wait, what is that horrible creature up ahead? I'll send the dwarf ahead to investigate...

Tester's Log

Testing is going slow, but well. Our party is now level 8 of 10. Once we complete the first full play through of the game, a larger tester group will continue to put it through its paces. We've fixed numerous small bugs, tweaked a few prices (magic sword anyone?), and corrected some spelling mistakes.

Release Date Best Guess: It's difficult to predict a release date at this stage as it depends on what bugs and issues we encounter as the testing group expands. August seems unlikely. September seems very possible. We're so close we can taste the ale in the Captain's Quarters pub!

Splash Screen Sneak Peak

Tune in Saturday, July 25, at 9:30am PDT / 11:30am CDT for the Nox Archaist session at the virtual KansasFest 2020! Mark Lemmert, Jarrod Kailef, and Chris Torrence will show off the surprising sound effects in the splash screen, demo the first part of the game, and show off the physical rewards. Watch here: If you miss it you should still be able to catch the replay on that same channel.

If you watch the KansasFest talk, please leave a comment below with any thoughts or questions!

Once again, thanks for all of your support. We really appreciate it!

- Mark and the 6502 Workshop Team

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