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Graphics Contest Rules

Nox Archaist Tile Graphics Contest

The 6502 Workshop team has been pounding out code for Nox Archaist and the game is starting to come to life.  One area that we have been kind of winging is tile graphics art.  We would like to offer a chance for members of the retro gaming community to participate in the design of Nox Archaist while hopefully improving the final result and getting the game into your hands more quickly.  

Starting today we are running a tile graphics contest! Create and submit one or more tiles for the chance to win cool stuff and have your work included in the Nox Archaist game.

Winners will receive a physical copy of the game, the opportunity to name an NPC, a listing in the credits, and whatever other cool stuff we can come up with. Submit as many tiles as you'd like.

The top three submitted tiles will be determined on July 31, 2016 and the winners will receive the benefits shown below.

To participate, just send us one or more tile designs using the criteria shown below. Submissions can be sent via email to

Preferred Graphics

These are tile types that currently would be most helpful, though we encourage submissions of any tiles you think would look cool in Nox Archaist.
  • Outdoor structures - Castles, towns, bridges, etc
  • Misc items found indoors - Street lamps, table, chair, doors, chests, beds, portcullis, etc
  • NPC designs - Human or non-human
  • MOB/Monster designs

Tile Specs

Tiles should fit the following criteria:
  • Apple II single high resolution
  • 14 pixels wide (2 screen bytes) by 16 lines tall
  • Multi-tile graphics welcome as long as they are submitted as multiple 14x16 bit maps
  • Submit as raw hex code, 816 Paint file, or click here to download our tile graphics template. If you prefer a different graphics format just ask and we’ll probably be able to work with it.

Contest Rules

Ok, you knew it was coming. Time for the boring legal stuff.

The benefits the three contest winners will receive are:
  • One custom in-game NPC named and based on input from the winner 
  • Copy of the initial release of Nox Archaist on 5.25” floppy disks
  • Pre-release digital copy of Nox Archaist
  • Printed manual
  • Name mentioned in Nox Archaist game credits
  • Announcement of winners on our blog and in this forum
  • Any other goodies we can come up with
We will consider the following elements when selecting the winners:
  • Quality - The degree the graphic resembles the intended subject
  • Originality - The less similar to graphics in existing games, the better
  • Functionality -  Does the tile work with the Apple II's funky color rules?
Please only submit a graphic is you are okay with this stuff:
  • We decide the contest winner at our sole discretion. Somebody has to decide, right?
  • The name of the NPC created for the contest winner, the conversation content, and any other characteristics of the NPC will be created with input from the contest winner, subject to our approval. We just want to try to ensure that the NPC fits in with the game, and isn’t offensive so that the game is fun for everyone.
  • The artist of any graphic(s) submitted grants us a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License to use those graphic(s). This means that we are able to use the graphic(s) submitted in Nox Archaist and in future games and the artist retains the right to use the graphic(s) and/or license their use to others. 
Even if a particular graphic tiles is not selected as a contest winner, it may be selected for inclusion in the game. The author of any graphic used in the game will be named on the credits screen. Participants can submit multiple tiles. However, each participant is only eligible to be one contest "winner".


  1. Hello I'm interested in participating. I'm really good at detailed HGR graphics and have been getting back into it lately. 816 paint is my tool of choice.

    One question : how would you feel about a creative Commons type license for the graphics submission ? I'd like to retain the option to use the graphics on my own programs, and if possible allow others to use as well. Your thoughts?

    Tim, Portland or

    1. Timethy, thanks for your interest! We’d definitely like to discuss this with you. I don’t have your email address so could you email me at and we can talk about the details?

    2. Timethy, 816 Paint works for us. I’ve added it to the list of preferred formats on the contest details page. I also like your suggestions about using a Creative Commons license and have updated the contest details page to incorporate it. Thanks again for your interest in Nox Archaist! If you have any other questions just let us know.

  2. Hey I'd like to help out with this. Not a lot of time left and I haven't done bit map graphics in about 30 years but looks like fun. Is there a prefered emulator for the Apple][ as I'd like to try 816 paint as it looks a little more flexible. thx

    1. Thanks for your interest! We'd definitely appreciate your help, plenty of tiles are still needed.

      AppleWin is the preferred emulator. Anything designed in 816 paint would work fine for us.

      A quick update on tiles we have since the original post; we now have several doors, portcullis, ladders, bed, cot, lamp post, and a wall sconce.

      Here are a few tiles that would be particularly helpful, but any submissions are appreciated.

      *town/castle/village tile for the outdoor map
      *single-tile end tables
      *multi-tile large tables
      *multi-tile merchant counters
      *chairs (front/back/left/right) with and without person sitting.
      *miscellaneous objects around towns like plants, barrels, dresser drawers, safe, etc.

      If you have any other questions just let us know.

  3. ok sounds good. Thanks for the update. That answered my next question as I'd prefer to not be doing something that has already been done or being worked on. These are all side views not top down just to confirm?

    1. You’re welcome. Yes, side view. Though, 3-D-ish views of town objects where it makes sense is appreciate. For example, here is the bed tile:

      Also, the outdoor map has a lot of tiles done already. The gameplay video link below is a good reference for those.



    2. Also meant to mention, Mob (/aka monster) tile designs are also very helpful.

  4. ok thanks. I've mocked up a quick castle which I will email to see if it is appropriate

    1. Sounds great. I look forward to seeing it!


  5. email sent
    Let me know what you think.
    Does Tim send you save states from 816 via applewin or does he utilize another method? to transfer the data to you?

    1. All of the submissions so far have been raw hex data. I am not sure how it was generated. Feel free to send images any format and I'll figure out a way to convert.

  6. Here is a link to the contest winners, including video and screenshots of their art: