Nox Archaist Bundles

All Nox Archaist bundles are discounted for a limited time!

Target delivery date: Late 2020

Digital Download  $19  $15

Boxed Set  $79  $69

Collector's Edition  $119  $99

System Requirements:

  • Apple IIe (128k enhanced), IIc, IIgs: 
  • Support for 5.25" Floppy and Hard drives (real and emulated) 
  • Two floppy disk drives or Hard drive required 
  • Color monitor recommended
  • 128k RAM
  • Mac OSX: MicroM8 recommended
  • Windows: AppleWIN emulator and MicroM8 recommended
  • Playable on Apple II hardware and PC and Mac via emulator


$6      - United States
$25    - Canada
$35    - Everywhere else


  • Receive a discount! 
  • You will receive a discount as described in each bundle.

  • Play Nox Archaist sooner! 
  • Orders will be fulfilled in the order received.
  • Support the project! 
  • Receiving preorders helps us to gauge demand and plan accordingly. 


    1. Where can we pre-order the IIGS version?

      1. Thanks for your interest!

        We aren't yet accepting pre-orders for the IIGs enhanced version, but when we do we’ll be sure to post that to our email list. If you’d like to sign-up to receive email announcements you can do so by visiting

    2. Hello i'm not familiar with apple ii emu, but do you think i can play under linux ?
      Thanks !

      1. Thanks for your interest!

        Linux is not officially supported, primarily because I don't have much experience with it and can offer minimal guidance.

        However, I do know that one one of our testers did successfully boot a test copy of Nox Archaist on LinApple and MicroM8, two Apple II emulators that run on Linux.

        Once the game is release you'd likely be able to get help from the community, if needed, on our Discord ( or our forums (

        Hope that helps!

    3. On the main page it still says Nox Archaist will be a free digital download, but also to pre-order it. Any clarification on that?

      1. Thanks for the feedback on the website!

        I agree, the text could be more clear.

        The home page has been updated to now say the following. Does this make more sense?


        After initial release, a demo version (with limited content) of Nox Archaist will eventually be available as a free download. However, we encourage you to preoder the game to get the full experience as soon as the game is release.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.