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Team Member Bio - Bill Giggie

Became fascinated with computers after a primary school field trip to the University of Waterloo mainframe computer lab where we could punch letters on a keypad and see them magically appear on a cathode ray tube. This was circa 1975ish.

Began computer programming in high school with punch cards on a Wang Computer but was mostly self taught since I preferred graphics to spreadsheets and databases which were "the only way to get a programming job" according to Mr. Martin - Grade 10 Computer Science teacher.

Programmed and designed graphics and sprites on the Atari 400 and later Apple ][+ for use in my own 8bit Basic games and programs. Submitted one game ATTANK! to Compute magazine for possible publication but they replied saying no one would ever have the patience to type it all in. It was close to 48K and they hadn't come up with the idea to enclose a disk with the magazine yet. Notable was the use of multi-layer sprites which allowed the tank's turret to rotate independently from the body of the tank which in turn allowed a player to strafe the opposition. Players also had to abandon their stricken tank and fight their way back on foot to a home base in order to re-spawn another tank.

Inspired by Jordan Mechner's Karateka, among others and a love for traditional animation I attended Sheridan College Classical Animation program with a view to improving the graphics in my own games and possibly working professionally in the burgeoning game or computer graphics industry.

In my final year I was given the task of picking up one John Lasseter (yes that John Lasseter of Pixar) at the airport for an animation festival. We passed the hour long drive talking about traffic, the weather and football among other random topics in what I consider the most wasted opportunity of my life. Later that evening I would attend his screening of a new short film he'd brought called Luxo Junior ..... you know that little lamp which would reinvent the animated movie industry.

On graduating I left gaming and computer graphics behind to work on several Don Bluth animated feature films. The Land Before Time, All Dogs go to Heaven, Rock-a-doodle, Thumbelina and Pebble and the Penguin.

Later worked on many commercials and television shows including Eek! the Cat, Magic School Bus, Ace Ventura, Stickin' Around, Rupert, Wayside.

Retrained myself in CG animation to work on many CG animated television shows and specials including Rolie Polie Olie, Handy Manny, Rescue Heroes, Babar, Mike the Knight and Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade.

  • Received Daytime Emmy award as Co-Director of Disney's Rolie Polie Olie.
  • Directed season 2 of Pecola! and season 1 of Nick Jr.'s The Backyardigans.

Nox Archaist has afforded me the opportunity to return full circle to the imagined career of my adolescence with the benefit of some hindsight and a lot of experience.

Favorite Atari 8 bit games:

  • Star Raiders
  • Asteroids 4 player mode

Favorite Apple 8 bit games:

  • Ultima series
  • Wizardry series
  • Karateka
  • Wolfenstein 1 & 2
  • Sundog
  • Night Mission
  • David's Midnight Magic
  • Choplifter
  • Hard Hat Mac
  • Crisis Mountain
  • Lode Runner
  • Horizon V
  • Drol
  • Seadragon!

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