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Apple II RPGs

The following is a work-in-progress list of Apple II RPGs. If you are aware of others, please post a comment below!


For the purposes of the list categorization below we use these definitions:

-Grid-Based Game: 

Maps are based on coordinates. 

-Tile-Based Game: 

A Grid-Based Game whose graphics are organized into tiles (2D shape of fixed dimensions (e.g. a square or rectangle)) and presented in a top down format. This formas a "Tile Grid" on which the game is played. 

Tiles may contain 3D characteristics (e.g. chairs and tables in Ultima V). A game is considered a Tile-Based game if most of its graphics adhere to this definition even if there are some that do not, such as dungeons in Ultima I-V

-3D Games

A Grid-Based Game whose graphics are presented in a 3D first-person point of view. 


2400 AD
Adventure Construction Set (tool for creating RPGs)
Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves (by Stuart Smith)
Cryllan Mission 2088 (and the 2nd Scenario expansion)
Dark Heart of Uukrul (mix of tile and first person)
Demon's Winter
Lawless Legends (in development)
Legacy of the Ancients
Legend of Blacksilver
Magic Candle
Nox Archaist
Phantasie I, II & III,
Questron I & II
Road War
Road War Europa
Shard of Spring
The Eternal Dagger
The Return of Heracles
The Secrets of Bahras
Times of Lore
Temple of Apshai (?)
Tower of Myraglen
Ultima I
Ultima I 
Ultima II
Ultima III
Ultima IV
Ultima V
Ultima Trilogy (remastered versions of Ultima I-III)
Wizard’s Crown 
Wraith: The Devil's Demise
Wrath of Denethenor


(including 3D Games)

Bard's Tale I, II, III
Curse of Azure Bonds (Gold Box Game)
Knights of Legend
Might and Magic I & II 
Pool of Radiance (Gold Box Game)
Space Rogue
Tangled Tales
Wizardry I - V


  1. Hi mark. I was going to mention - Stuart Smith's Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves, and The Return of Heracles. Tile based but a bit different "flavor" from the more Ultima styled games (and, well, anything you could make with Adventure Construction Set :D )

    1. Thanks for the additional information, they've been added to the page!

  2. I would include Ultima In addition to Ultima I, as one is Basic and some assembler and the other is all assembler.

    1. Thanks for reminding me of this!

      The all-assembler version of Ultima I was released as art of the Ultima Trilogy which Origin Systems released in 1989. Ultima II and III had some minor tweaks as well IIRC.

      I've added Ultima Trilogy to the list.

  3. Hey, Shanghai and GShisen aren't exactly RPGs...but how about Dungeon Master and Tower of Myraglen for the IIGS instead??

    1. Hi Joe! Thanks for the feedback. Sorry for the slow reply, somehow I didn't see your post until today.

      I took a look into the games you mentioned and removed Shanghai and GShisen from the list and added Tower of Myraglen. The videos I found of Dungeon Master showed only 3D scenes. The list on this page is for tile-based RPGs...if Dungeon Master has a tile-based portion that you're aware of please let me know.

  4. If you want to list more tile-based RPGs for the IIgs you can included these two from Victory Software:
    - Cryllan Mission 2088 (plus the 2nd Scenario expansion)
    - The Secrets of Bahras
    Note: They may not be on MobyGames but The CRPG Addict has entries for them.

    As for the 8-bit Apple II machines there are some interesting hybrids from Origin:

    "Space Rogue" features Ultima-like tile-based graphics when the player is on foot in space stations. When in space the view switches to filled 3D vector graphics, similar to the later Elite games.

    "Moebius" and its sequel(?) "Windwalker" are also tile-based, but not like Ultima: They have bigger, overlapping tiles and use transparency - which looks interesting but is pretty slow (unless played on a 16-bit machine like the Amiga).

    Also, "Tangled Tales" is a mix of still images in first person view and a small tile-based map - next to each other. It's more of a beginner RPG.

    "Knights of Legend" has a tile-mapped overworld view the player moves on but most of the game is apparently being played in the menu system...

    1. Thanks for contributing this information. It's been added to the page.

  5. Thank you! Your post led to a redesign of this page to be wider in scope and more accurate in its classifications.