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Playing Nox Archaist on Real Hardware


Nox Archaist can be played on physical Apple II hardware using a harddrive card such as a CFFA or BOOTi card. 

We maintain a list of Nox Archaist Compatible Harddrive Cards. Nox Archaist has been tested on these cards on the specific Apple II models indicated. If you have a harddrive card which is not on the list, it may or may not be able to run Nox Archaist. 

To play Nox Archaist on physical Apple II hardware, boot the Nox Archaist HDV image using the card. This is generally done by copying the HDV image onto a USB drive or SD Card, which is inserted into the hard drive card. Consult the documentation for your hard drive card for more information on how to boot an HDV image. 

Playing Nox Archaist

CFFA Cards

BOOTi Cards

Floppy Emu (Apple IIc)

Floppy Emu (Apple IIc+)

Floppy Emu (Dual Floppy Mode)

Click here to view a 3rd party YouTube video on this subject. This video was not created or endorsed by 6502 Workshop. 

Other Resources

(so you can write to notchless disks)


This section is a work in progress. It contains troubleshooting tips we have accumulated on various hard drive cards. 


  • Make sure that dip switch #7 is set correctly for the Apple II computer model you are using. See CFFA manual for details. 

-kbooHK wDrive Card

Note: We have seen many problems running Nox Archaist with the wDrive card. The tips below might help. However, we do not recommend running Nox Archaist on a wDrive. 

  • Verify your firmware is version 1.0b1 or above.
  • The wDrive card requires a SoftSP add-on card to work with many large Apple II programs, including Nox Archaist. 
  • As an alternative, try the floppy version (.PO) version of Nox Archaist using a wDrive


  1. Can you boot Nox from real floppy disks? I tried copying the .po files to floppy but they won't boot. I get a message that the Apple IIe is looking for ProDOS. They won't boot from my Floppy Emu either. Same message. I am relatively new to Apple II so some instructions for getting this to work with real floppies would be great. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for reaching out, we're happy to help!

      Yes, the .PO files are a beta floppy version which can be transferred to real floppy disks. Try booting with the Boot disk in drive1 and the overworld disk in drive2. The boot disk is the back side of disk one if you transferred the images according to the disk and side numbers embedded in the file name.

      The Nox Archaist floppy version requires two floppy drives. The Floppy Emu only has one virtual floppy port, so that is not a supported configuration.

      For efficiency, if you have more questions please contact us on Discord ( for fastest response or alternatively by email to support

  2. First off my wife bought this game for me for xmas. I am blown away with the box, map, a ticket, book etc. It reminds me of the old Ultima games.Can someone tell me how I can play this on my floppy emu. I have a Apple IIe with a mockingboard 128k etcc.

    1. Thanks for sharing your feedback, so glad to hear you like the game!

      Here is a link to a walkthrough video for booting the Nox Archaist HDV file on a Floppy Emu using it's "smartport" mode:

      However, the Floppy Emu only supports smarport mode on the Apple IIe if the system as a Liron disk controller, which is an uncommon card.

      Nox Archaist requires two 5.25" disk drives to run in Floppy mode, and the Floppy Emu only has one virtual floppy port, so playing the Nox Archaist floppy images on the Floppy Emu is not a supported configuration. There are some players who are doing it anyway, with varying degrees of success. The best way to get advice on unsupported configs is to ask in the #technical-help channel on the Nox Discord Server (here is the URL to join if you aren't already on)

  3. To be absolutely clear: the digital edition of Nox Archaist comes with both a hard disk image and .PO files. Additionally, the .PO files can be written to floppy disk (via ADTPro, for example) and operate. Is this correct?