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Playing Nox Archaist on Real Hardware


Nox Archaist can be used on real hardware via floppy disk or a hard drive card such as a CFFA or BOOTi card. 


-CFFA Card

*Make sure that dip switch #7 is set correctly for the Apple II computer model you are using. See CFFA manaul for details. 

-kbooHK wDrive Card

Using with Nox Archaist .2MG or .HDV images

*Verify your firmware is version 1.0b1 or above.

*The wDrive card requires a SoftSP add-on card to work with many large Apple II programs, including Nox Archaist. 

*As an alternative, the floppy version (.DSK / .PO) version of Nox Archaist can be played using a wDrive

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