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Nox Archaist System Requirements

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Getting Started

Getting Started - Windows

Getting Started - MacOS

Tutorial Videos

Click here for gameplay tutorial videos.

How-To Videos

Click here for walkthrough videos showing how to play Nox Archaist on several popular Apple II emulators. 

Click here for information on playing Nox Archaist on real Apple II hardware.

If a software update is issued to Nox Archaist, click here for instructions on how to import your saved game to the new version.


Click here for tips relating to issues running Nox Archaist for the first time. 
Click here for a list of known issues.

If you purchased Nox Archaist and would like to download a software update please contact us.

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Nox Archaist has a thriving community on Discord. We invite you to join our Discord server via the 
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  1. Hello. How I know if I am in the list of people that pre-order the game?
    I did pay through Paypal. Let me know
    Transaction ID

    Purchase details
    Collector's Edition $99.00
    Item #1003
    Shipping $6.00
    Total $105.00

    1. I am happy to help confirm your order! What name is the order under? Alternatively, you can forward me the email you received from PayPal. My email address is

  2. I purchased the digital edition. Is it possible to upgrade to the boxed set?

    1. Thank you for your question. Boxed sets are currently available as a preorder. Please email us for more information on upgrade options (support Please include the name and email address on your original order.

  3. Hello.

    Just a quick couple of questions.

    Will Collector Editions be available to preorder at the end of January as I'm very interested in purchasing a copy however waiting on next pay day!

    Concerning Dungeons...are there traps and puzzles involved while you adventure through them? I'm a big fan of involved dungeoneering mechanics.

    Thank you for your time and congratulations on your game.

    1. Thanks for your interest!

      I am not sure how long we'll have the preorder running for the 2nd run Collector's edition, the timing of when we place the materials order depends on a several factors that are difficult to pin down.

      Here is the best info I have:

      *The preorder will be running until at least mid-January

      *We'll likely order materials for some "extra" units. However, those may sell quickly as interest has continued to be high.

      Yes, in Nox Archaist there are many traps and puzzles in the underworld and ruins of ancient castles! Some area easy, and some are very challenging.

  4. Love the game! I bought digital download from GOG. Is there any way to buy a print version of the manual?

    1. Glad to hear are enjoying the game!

      A print manual is included in our Collector's Boxed-Set, along with other feelies like a cloth map, coin of the realm, and wax sealed writ from the Queen.

  5. I ordered a box copy on 3/25/2021 and would like an update. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for reaching out!

      Your order is a preorder for the 2nd production run of Nox Archaist boxed sets.

      We recently received all of the materials on hand and are working on assembly. We expect to begin shipping around mid-April and finish sending all shipments out by mid-May. When your boxed set ships, you will receive an email from with a tracking number.

      In the meantime, you should have received a digital download link with your preorder. If you haven’t downloaded the game and need the link please email us at support [at] and we'll send it to you.

      If you have any questions please let us know. Thanks for your patience and support!